Ammonite filming for Sigur Ros

The next Sigur Ros album will have a set of short films to accompany each of it’s tracks and Ammonite has been asked to contribute to one of them.

For the track entitled EKKI MUK  the film will take the form of a short drama about a man being guided home by a snail the film will serve as a trailer for a feature length film.

The film will be dreamlike and hypnotic, featuring the innovative macrophotography for which Ammonite is renowned.

Apart from the talking snail and other insects  which appear in the film, Ammonite has set up a timelapse sequence of a rotting fox. It is difficult to explain to people who have not attempted timelapse photography exactly how much work is involved and how much planning to achieve the desired result;

This week we ordered a quantity of flies, they will be responsible for getting the Fox Decomposition Party  started.

Next we went shopping for a frozen fox (funnily enough ‘Walls’ do not stock them).

Then we had a meeting, these were some of the ‘matters arising’:

How long will the fox take to defrost?
What happens if the flies emerge before the fox has defrosted?
Will there be a green room for flies to wait before their big moment..
Will there be lots of water as fox defrosts?
Will we need to “mist” the fox if it dries out?
If it gets too wet, will it go mouldy?

Our Facebook and Twitter feeds will be updated with all the gruesome progress – our advice is not to look at them before supper.