Editing Begins on the First Part of Our New Series

Editing has begun on the first part of our spectacular new series, “India’s New Worlds”, a three-part documentary showcasing extraordinary behaviour across the Indian subcontinent. The series, in partnership with Kosmik Global, will reveal fascinating tales of the last lions of Asia, a return from oblivion for a once diverse region, and we will explore an unknown wildlife paradise.

Andy Chastney in for the edit

We are pleased that Andrew Chastney (Nightstalkers, Life, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet) is working with us again as editor. He now has the mammoth task of pulling together footage shot over the past six months into the timeline to tell our story. We’ll keep him constantly supplied with coffee and treats from Hart’s Bakery to fuel him through the exciting eight-week edit.

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Frankencam on Display at National Media Museum

Martin operating Frank

The legendary Frankencam is currently on display at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Selected as an innovative piece of wildlife filming equipment, “Frank” is part of the Nature Camera Action! exhibit for the next couple of months.

Frank was created to enable us to film small creatures up close with a three-axis control system. That means we could film life in ways never before seen, following insects a hairsbreadth from the ground or manoeuvring the camera in and around the undergrowth all with highly precise and vibration-free movement.

Watch Martin explain what Frank is and how it works in this video on National Geographic.

“Nature Camera Action!  – The Secrets of Making Incredible Wildlife Films” is on from 18 July – 12 October 2014 at the National Media Museum, Bradford.

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