David Attenborough’s Light on Earth commissioned

Ammonite and Terra Mater Factual Studios in Vienna are excited to announce their latest project “David Attenborough’s Light on Earth”. The programme will be broadcast on BBC Two as “Attenborough’s Life That Glows”.

Even in some of the darkest of places on Earth there is light. For millions of years creatures capable of producing their own light have illuminated the natural world – a phenomenon, known as Bioluminescence.

Sir David Attenborough takes us on a journey of adventure and discovery through forests to oceans and into an amazing microscopic world.

Contrary to popular perception, bioluminescence is not as uncommon as it may first appear. These luminous displays of “living light” have bewitched and beguiled countless generations, capturing our imagination, and inspiring fables and folklore of “descended stars”, “souls of the dead” and tales of “burning seas”.

A tool used for communication, this language of light is only now being decoded, and its meaning better understood. Deep within the oceans, where sunlight fails to penetrate, bioluminescence lights the way. From jellyfish to sharks, endless species flash, pulse and glow as a means of survival.

On land, fireflies light the night sky in search of a mate – but some have deadly intentions. Venture underground, and the soil writhes and wriggles with luminous earthworms.

While we have come to understand the science behind the light, exactly why some of these species glow at all remains a mystery.

Bursting with breathtaking spectacles, fascinating behaviour and unprecedented imagery, David Attenborough’s Light on Earth will show you the world in a whole new light…

Find out more: http://www.terramater.at/productions/david-attenboroughs-light-on-earth/

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