Associated Lenses

The most useful thing about the camera is the Micro Four Thirds mount, which is capable of accepting (with the correct adapter) just about any lens that will cover the large imaging area. This ability makes the camera incredible flexible and easy to use.

We can supply a range of Lumix lenses, offering autofocus and auto-iris capability:

8mm fisheye

7-14 f4 zoom

14-42 f3.5-5.6 zoom – image stabilised

14-140 f4-5.8 zoom – image stabilised

The combination of large imaging area and neutral density filters allows for complete control of depth of field. The camera is also incredibly sensitive and can, with fast lenses, create shallow depth of field and work on medium gain in street-lit situations. We have a large range of Canon FD primes which work beautifully with the 101. Visit the Ammonite lenses page to see our full range of fast primes that will work with this camera.