Starlight Cameras

Ammonite Starlight cameras are based around a high resolution and sensitive image intensifier coupled directly to a 1920 x 1080 HD chip.

They are capable of filming in real time, in starlight, moonlight, or with infra red. The images are black and white, and can be grain free (full moon or infra red) or grainy (in starlight).

The amount of grain is a function of the amount of gain that is controlled on all the cameras by a single manual knob. Even in starlight, many of the cameras aren’t at maximum gain, and the quantity of grain is usually removable by noise reduction techniques.

The cameras are sensitive to most visible light, but are also highly sensitive to infra red light. This means they can be used in the field with small infra red battery powered lights instead of large generator driven lights. With a correctly set up spot light, the starlight cameras can see a lion at 2 kilometres.

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