Thermal Camera

Our thermal camera system has produced some of our most dramatic nocturnal behaviour sequences and is now available for hire. Recording into uncompressed AVI files, the image quality of this camera is outstanding for a thermal camera, and can create an otherworldly feel

A rugged camera system with interchangeable lenses capable of producing high quality thermal images in complete darkness.

The thermal camera is sensitive to long wave infrared (heat). Capable of detecting heat from mammal bodies up to six miles away, the thermal is a powerful tool for spotting, filming, and navigation. The camera’s sensitivity can be manually adjusted to detect specified temperature ranges that allow the operator to record temperature variations and subsequently image detail to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

Available with three interchangeable manual focus lenses, the thermal camera records directly onto a mini computer via USB allowing for minimal auxiliary power requirements and increased portability. The length of the 150mm lens, uncommon in thermal cameras, helps you get much closer than other thermal cameras can.

Operated handheld or from a tripod with an external monitor and/or viewfinder, the operator can easily navigate the camera’s control menu for quick image adjustments and recording.

Available for both wet and dry hire, we require a half day operational camera training at our office in Bristol.

Thermal Camera Before and after Grading

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