Special Kit

Nauticam Underwater Housing for Sony a7s and Atomos Shogun

Nauticam housing for the specialist in low-light filming, the Sony a7s. Kit contains Atomos Shogun housing, Canon EF 24mm II f/1.4 with dome port and Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 with flat port. Perfect for 4K underwater for daytime shoots, very manageable housing, rated up to 100m depth.

IR lights

Reveal the secrets of the night and illuminate your scene with invisible Infra Red light. With over 15 years experience filming at night, Ammonite understand the importance of not disturbing your subject. If you’re using standard IR cameras like modified canon EOS cameras, you will need IR Lighting. Ammonite can provide a range of 12VDC flood and spot lighting to match your requirements.

Night Vision Goggles

Our Night vision goggles are a very powerful tool for finding your way and finding your subject in the dark. In combination with IR lights, night vision goggles are essential when filming nocturnal animals that you can’t afford to disturb.

Panasonic AG-HPG20E P2 External Recorder

The AG-HPG20E is a rugged P2 portable recorder that records HD images with the 10-bit AVC-Intra codec. Features: Two P2 card slots, a 3.5 inch LCD monitor and HD/SD SDI multi-format recording. The AG-HPG20 is capable of a wide range of applications, including HD field recording, high quality large screen playback, and file transfers to a computer or included hard drive.

Flash XDR

Flash XDR is the bigger version of the Nano flash, but takes 4 cards instead of two, and has more connection options. It is a solid-state HD/SD recorder/player that utilizes the very high quality Sony XDCAM 4:2:2 CODEC to write native Quicktime, MXF (video/audio/time-code), or MPG up to 170mbps. The flash XDR is light, rugged, easy to use and power efficient (12VDC).