Sigur Rós Film Wins London Short Film Festival

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A film with key sequences shot by Ammonite has won top prize at London Film Festival.

The Film was directed by Nick Abrahams and has won British Council Best UK Short at the London Short Film Festival. It is an affecting  story of a man trying to find his way home, befriending a wounded fox and being encouraged by a talking snail , it is part of the Sigur Rós Valtari mystery film experiment.

Ammonite shot all the natural history content of this film; the talking snail was filmed at our Bristol studios and also on location in Buckinghamshire using Frankencam, Ammonite’s unique motion-control system developed especially to film small creatures.

The decaying process of a dead fox was also shot in our custom-designed dark room over a period of several months.

The Sigur Rós film used only the first two months of the decaying process, Ammonite continued to film the fox as beetles moved in finally revealing the animal’s clean skeleton. This footage is now part of Ammonite’s extensive footage library and available to hire

This is the winning film

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