David Attenborough's Light on Earth

David Attenborough takes us on an extraordinary tour through one of the least understood of all natural phenomena; bioluminescence. This film reveals the true scale of bioluminescence; it is everywhere, in the deep ocean, shallow reefs, soil, plains and forests, and for a few nights each year in special places, in the air.

Manas: Return of the Giants

2016 – Earth Touch & Discovery India
Manas National Park was destroyed by a two-decade war, resulting in an almost complete loss of wildlife. With the help of scientists and armed rangers the animals are slowly returning, but Manas needs all of the giants back if it has any chance of recovering its former glory.

India's Wandering Lions

2015 – Earth Touch & Discovery India
A thousand years ago, lions were common in many regions across Asia, but were frequently viewed as vermin – to be killed whenever possible. Today, the Indian lion population has rebounded to a population of over 400 – a cause for celebration. However, their success has surpassed the natural capacity of the Gir Forest Sanctuary, forcing lions to spill over its borders and seek new homes. Can they remain out of trouble and keep their human neighbours onside for the long term?

Smalltalk Diaries

2006 – CBBC
Smalltalk Diaries is a series of ten short, humorous shows about the lives of minibeasts. It won awards internationally; for Innovation, Best Short Programme, Best Children’s Programming and, in 2008, Smalltalk Diaries won the Best Series Award at Wildscreen.

Night Stalkers

Nat Geo WILD, 2010

Jaguar Ambush

Nat Geo WILD, 2010

City of Ants

Nat Geo TV for Nat Geo Channel, 2010
Award for Scientific Content, USA. Award for Technical Achievement, Japan

Hunt For The Giant Squid

Nat Geo WILD, 2011

Night of the Lion

Nat Geo WILD, 2010
Award for Technical Achievement, Japan

Norfolk Broads: The Fall and Rise of a Great Swamp

BBC, 2005
Award for Best Underwater Behaviour, Japan

In Search of Killer Ants

BBC Natural World, 2002
BAFTA nominated for Cinematography

Terminal Velocity

National Geographic, 2002
RTS Award for Outstanding Achievement

Creatures of the Black Lagoon

Survival Anglia, 1999

Balance of Power

Survival Anglia, 2000

A Leap in the Dark

BBC, 1998

3 Monkeys

BBC, 1997

Mara Nights

BBC, 1996

Crossroads of Nancite

BBC, 1995